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Welcome to Fat Boy Chronicles

Fat boy chronicles is a black family owned home based dessert business out of Plano, Tx ran by Rickey and Chelsie Bolds. We started off by doing pop ups selling pie and rum cakes at Klyde Warren park and Dallas Cowboys game tailgates. We offer the best damn dessert, from sweet potato pie, rum cake, lemon drop cake, cookies plus additional desserts on our not so secret menu.

Our Story

Founder & Chef Rickey Bolds began his journey of Fat Boy Chronicles when he started a Vlog documenting his weight loss journey. Which led to him becoming more experimental in the kitchen.


With the encouragement of Co-Founder & Wife Chelsie Bolds, Rickey has been able to turn his experiments into a business. The COVID-19 Pandemic gave them an ample amount of time of planning the direction of the Company. Fat Boy Chronicles is a Black Owned & Home-based Desert Partnership out of Plano, TX founded by Rickey & Chelsie Bolds.


Fat Boy living up to its name offers the crème de la crème of Deserts or as they describe to be "The Best on this side of Mississippi". From Sweet Potato Pie, Rum Cake, Lemon Drop Cake, Cookies, and an assortment of other sweet treats coming soon.


These mouthwatering desserts can cure a sweet tooth but most importantly remind you that......


Food is Love!

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We are always looking for new and exciting customers and opportunities. Let's connect!

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